Was your teacher a rocket scientist? Or a professor in bio-mechanics? Perhaps an archaeologist? They probably sure seemed like they knew everything. But unfortunately that perception is changing.

New curriculum standards are providing our children with new opportunities to learn more and learn better. The context of learning is changing rapidly and research shows teachers are struggling to keep up.

Stemtap is that new context. It provides a platform for play and problem based pedagogies to teach children in a meaningful way. It gives teachers the confidence to tackle STEM head on.

Hardware and Software

Stemtap is the sweet combination of hardware and software. Like peanut butter and jam, Vita-Wheats and Vegemite, 4 year olds and eating glue. It does what it does - really well. Choose from a variety of software to cover any grade, and hardware to cover any topic.

Stemtap is more than new technology; it’s technology re-imagined. Never fiddle with WiFi passwords or device pairing ever again. There isn’t even a power switch! Stemtap is smarter, faster, easier.

We’ve done the hard work for you. Now you can integrate technology seamlessly into your lessons without a Bachelor of IT. Don’t get bogged down in the details. Students can use Stemtap to easily build, create, or combine to develop novel classroom solutions to real world issues. Just tap, play, learn!

Amperemetre GPS Laser Light Bulb Solar Rain Gauge Temperature PH Acidity Scales Wind Speed

Learning Content

New tech is sometimes hard to get your head around. It’s even harder to then teach it to someone else. Not to mention the time and effort creating 50 minutes of activity. Stemtap is all about making STEM easier for teachers; so we’ve made the learning content for you.

With Stemtap, you subscribe to a continuous supply of new learning content and technology. We write our content to be relevant, up-to-date, and most importantly - fun. Our content ranges from semester long projects to easy single lesson activities, available in hard-copy or your digital platform of choice. We want Stemtap to be the most valuable resource you have; pain free, simple, and elegant.

Curriculum/Learning Content


With a unique tap-and-go work-flow, Stemtap makes it easier for teachers to integrate STEM effectively. It covers every STEM category possible; the same modules that teach Mathematics can also teach Biology or Coding. All you need to do is tap, play, learn.

Stemtap isn’t a single-use kit to shelve away for later. New modules are being designed and old ones reworked all the time. With your feedback, we’ll take those unused modules and give you better ones.

We offer Stemtap as a subscription; giving you continual upgrades and access to new modules under one cost. Not to mention access to new learning content and ‘round-the-clock support.


Contact Us

Right now we are conducting small scale trials with prototypes until we are capable to provide a full subscription service. If you are interested in joining our journey, through conducting a trial or joining the team, please let us know!


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